Red Lentil Yumbos




These sessions can cover a wide range of culinary skills as well as ways of thinking.



Herb & Spice Appreciation


How to Deal with Dry Pulses or Different Whole Grains


Cooking Methods: Grilling; Steaming; Sautéing with/without oil—controlling the heat in your pan


Taste, Texture & Flavour Profiles


Creating Something Tasty from Whatever is in the



Ratios instead of Recipes or Intuitive Cooking


Menu Creating


Variations of a Particular Ingredient (10 different ways of including beetroots in your everyday life!)


Tips in Transitioning from Omnivore to Plantbased or from Vegetarian to Plantbased Diets



Keep in mind these are merely some examples of what we can do together. 





We hope to begin these sessions in the autumn or winter ’22.  Please register interest so that we can set up some dates and discuss content options.







Book us for all your plantbased food related consultation needs. 


Whether you are an Educational body, a Council, a private company, a small office,

a health & well-being institution or a meat/dairy-based food business,

we can offer assistance in different ways of embracing a plantbased diet and explain why it is crucial to do so. 

Take advantage of our specialist ability to research, source and disseminate information and knowledge,

use our ‘wholistic’ problem solving skills for your specific needs. 


Email: ayshe@pulsehomecooking.com


Chermoula. Hot and coriandery!