Lunch ready for delivery for one of our regular clients.




We take menu making seriously. 

We make sure that what we create is as seasonal as possible and that the dishes complement each other as well as being nutritionally balanced. 

Peruse the new weekly menu

Choose the specific dishes

Decide on the amounts

Email us


Pick a medley package by identifying how much you would like to spend 

We will do the choosing for you. 

£30 or £45 or £65 or £100 (or any other amount above £30)

Provide full address with postal code

Note any food allergies we need to know about

Email us


Contact us about a custom-made order for a work event or a family gathering…whatever the occasion we can provide the PlantBased HomeCooking.


You can choose form the latest menu of the week or from your past favourites. In any case, we will discuss your culinary needs and prepare accordingly. 

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Gift our food to someone you love. 

Your spouse who eats the same boring sandwich everyday at work. 

Your friend/sister who is expecting and needs her freezer filled up in preparation for the baby. 

There are plenty of other reasons why gifting PlantBased HomeCooking is a useful and original idea. It’s also a creative solution to your gifting needs.


You tell us the amount you would like to gift (£30 and above please). Send us the postal and email addresses of the person receiving the food. Make a bank transfer to us.

We take care of the rest. 


Email us


Cashew cream with truffle oil and Fetacompli made with almonds.



MONDAY evenings we deliver to our regular clients in Hampstead and Royal Arsenal Riverside area.

TUESDAY we deliver to RA Riverside as well as other parts of London (reachable by tube/train). Contact us to arrange delivery times or if you need your food another day.


The delivery charge is usually the return charge for one person on public transport. (£3-£6 usually-All of these to be confirmed once we receive your order). For larger deliveries that require a car the charge is £15-£20)


These delivery times and charges are subject to change. As our business evolves, we will be responsive to those changes and determine the delivery options anew.