Acquiring plant-based eating habits are useful – for the world you live in and your health.



Borscht! Borscht! Borscht! Borscht! Borscht! Borscht!


If you have made the big decision of taking ownership of your own health and/or the well-being of our planet and you find yourself unsure of how to begin, we can help you.


If you are already plant-powered and you are looking for inspiration, new kitchen and cooking skills, information about the latest nutritional and environmental research, we are here for you.

If you want to familiarise yourself with the cooking methods and benefits of different pulse varieties so that you can enjoy them as part of your everyday food choices, we are here to inspire.

If homecooking is something you want to think about more deeply…


If you are an omnivore who is aware that you could be eating more pulses, grains, vegetables and fruits but presently you aren’t…


Well, you found us.

Our beloved gorilla by Dan Piraro.


“We’re all individuals!” 


You might find our services or our knowledge useful for many different reasons; here we’ve come up with a few sample scenarios:



Chermoula. Hot and coriandery!



You appreciate good taste


You may want to familiarise yourself with ingredients you don’t frequently eat


Your cooking and kitchen skills need a little spruce up and you need to book a session


One of our dishes was a big hit in your household and you want to learn how to make it


Aubergine Boat!

Busy Bee


You need regular deliveries to ease up your daily cooking duties


Someone who has barely enough time to eat, let alone to cook and learn something about nutrition


Can just about octopus your day-to-day timetable and you don’t have a spare tentacle to shop, chop and cook!


Someone who depends on the convenience of your freezer. Since our food is freshly prepared, using only fresh whole foods, it is suitable for home freezing…


Beautiful vegetable broth with mushrooms and herbs.

Interested in Eating Good Food at Work


Super-tasty, colourful and healthful lunches to take to work


You need super tasty finger-food for your social/work events


Are a green business and you need environmentally friendly

food for your office/meeting party etc.


Book a group cooking session for your work/team-mates

Beautiful vegetable broth with mushrooms and herbs.

Thinking about Health and Nutrition


You are skeptical of the ingredients in factory-produced ‘foods’


You want to extend your plantbased homecooking repertoire because you understand that by reducing your intake of animal products you are allowing your body to run optimally


You are diagnosed with something


A health issue is preventing you (or a loved one) from cooking for a while and you do not want to rely on restaurant and supermarket takeaways


Your health & wellbeing business requires healthful and super-tasty meals for your clients/patients

Radicchio & Golden Beetroot with Grapefruits



You like to entertain and you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen when you have friends over for lunch/dinner/drinks


You need your picnic goodies prepared


You want to relax and feel confident that all dietary requests will be met for the people you’ve invited over.


Potatoes, celeriac, capers, herbs and plantbased aioli with preserved lemons.



You understand the environmental impact of switching to a more plantbased diet


You are informed enough about the present to know what to do for the future of your children


You are aware of the social injustices caused by global food politics (for example, industrial food production systems and practices.)


Punchy Beetroot

In Need of our Consultancy


Your school could do with a demonstration and a tasting event about the environmental and nutritional impact of WFPB (whole-food plant-based) diet


Your meat-heavy catering facility needs some plantbased inspiration and instruction


pomegranates-symbol of fecundity.

A Thoughtful Gift Giver


You want to give a meaningful gift to someone


A friend/relative is pregnant and instead of buying them ‘one more baby blanket’, we fill up their freezer and fridge with healthful, delicious goodies in your name


You want to encourage someone to introduce more vegetables to their diet


And you are in London, UK


The list goes on…



In short, there could be many scenarios in your life where we might be very useful.